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Mehak Dry Cleaners

Mehak Dry Cleaners represents the next wave of dry cleaners. With more than 15 years of combined experience in the laundry and dry cleaning industries, we continuously strive to offer the best guidance and assistance based on our skills and knowledge. Md. Basir started spending time contemplating how a change could be brought in the way both consumers and cleaners think about clothing care. In a short while, The Mehak made its service available in Pitampura, Rani Bagh, West Enclave Delhi, We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. Our technology delivers a better-quality clean that is kinder to your skin, your health, your clothes, and our planet. We have employed very stringent and pioneering methods to promote and ensure the best possible favorable alternatives to our environment. With special emphasis on expertise, quality, reliability, and top-notch convenience, we work to provide a solution to take care of everything that’s in your closet. We offer a range of services that entail standard dry cleaning, steam pressing, and gentle sofa dry cleaning, among others. Over the past few years of our trading, we have built up a sound customer base and a reputation to boast of. We’re extremely conscious of the care and attention required in dealing with fine linens and delicate fabrics, and hence, we constantly strive to undertake quality control checks and fabric examinations throughout the cleaning process. We can assist and deliver within 24 hours if you are looking for dry cleaning or laundry pickup service. Your busy life appropriately accommodates our services. We refer to it as our responsibility, but some people call it magic.

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